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We are a church plant of CANA East which is one of four missionary dioceses in the Convocation of Anglicans in North America. CANA offers an authentic connection to the Anglican Communion through the Church of Nigeria and full membership in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Our Diocese stretches from Maine to Miami and from Tulsa to The Bronx. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia — just outside Washington, DC — we are home to almost 30 congregations and more than 55 parochial and non-parochial clergy.


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The theological training seminary of the Diocese of Sydney in the Anglican Church of Australia.

One of the largest Church of England seminaries in the UK.

Located outside of Philadelphia with a satellite school in London, England.

An Anglican Christian theological college which is situated in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa.

Wycliffe Hall is an evangelical theological college set within the University of Oxford.

Anglican Resources

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A searchable 1662 Book of Common Prayer online in its entirety.

An English Prayer Book” is a prayer book in modern English. It was produced by The Church Society as an alternative to the “Alternative Service Book” of 1980.

An excellent resource site for Evangelical Protestant Anglicans.

An evolving resource & support site for Reformed Anglicans with a connected discussion page on Facebook.

An informative website committed to encouraging the re-growth of Anglicanism that is distinctively confessional and Reformed. Their facebook page can be found at “Anglicans in the Wilderness”.

The Latimer Trust is an evangelical Anglican think-tank dedicated to providing biblical input and a considered response to significant issues within the Christian community and elsewhere. The Trust is continuing and developing the work of Latimer House which was founded in Oxford, England, during the 1960’s.


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Broad coalition of evangelical Christians

Reformation Anglican Church is a new member of The New England Reformed Fellowship (NERF)

An invaluable extensive collection of classic theological works from all periods of church history.

A fine collection of Puritan sermons and writings.

This journal prints biblical-theological material in the Reformed/Calvinistic tradition.

Provides classic articles and resources related to the Reformed faith. An outstanding resource.

An excellent reformed theology media network.

An internet journal dedicated to presenting theological and pastoral resources.

A study centre focusing advancing understanding of the Bible.

A modern Reformation’s complementary radio program.

This website provides free lectures and discussions that explore how Christianity relates to areas of life.

An excellent and intelligent blog written by Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University graduate.

Friends, Kindred Spirits and Folks We’d Just Like To Visit!

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Diocese of Sydney is a significant diocese within the Anglican Church of Australia and respected by traditional Evangelical Anglicans worldwide.

Another bastion of Evangelical and Reformed Anglicanism.

Located in Cherry Hill, NJ and pastored by a fellow Westminster Seminary graduate and church planter, the Rev. Dr. Henry Jansma has pastored Anglican churches in both the UK and the US. Take the time to listen to some of his sermons, you will be richly blessed!

A Reformed Anglican congregation located in beautiful Nags Head, Outer Banks in North Carolina. Pastored by the Rev. Fredric Barrett.

A traditional Reformed Anglican church in the ACNA and located in Slippery Rock, PA

If some one bought us tickets to England, these are among the first churches we would like to visit.

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